iObserve 1.5.0 submitted to the Store!

After a year a development! I can’t believe it has been so long. Well, if you read sometimes this blog, you’ll certainly know why. Many bugfixes and improvements. And quite some nice new features. First: Sky Maps! That is, a new plot where Equatorial, Galactic and Celestial coordinates can be plotted against each other. This is a feature originally requested by Thomas P. (so sorry for the lonnnng time it took to implement it). 

 An example of Sky Map with multiple objects selected.
An example of Sky Map with multiple objects selected.

Moreover, I’ve also added the Exoplanet Transits! Indeed, some of the exoplanets haveenough transit informations not only to indicate when it occurs, but also their duration. This is what I’ve added. And it is very easy to observe new transits since a list of the coming ones is provided. Click on one to automatically jump into the right night setup.

Many other improvements were made, among which the famous missing factor 15 in manual coordinates, and a brand new Coordinates converter.

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