Introducing Data Archives @

This stuff is probably infinite. How exciting! The scope of is expanding. And I have additional ideas for the future… In the meantime, here comes basic support for Data Archives: ESO’s, MAST etc. I had a quick connector already written for ESO programmes summary, hence that’s the only thing available for now. For instance:

But more will come! I am already working on the access to data sets (hopefully, with some local meteo data…), in a completely integrated manner, with access to objects, observatories etc. 

Objects now available @!

I just released ‘Objects’ in Code was already there, but the setup with Heroku and DNS and all tiny picky details were finally easier than I thought yesterday! Give it a try, with the following example: J1655-40

This is still alpha version. APIs will change a bit in the future, but at least, you can already play with it! v1 (alpha)

Here is a coming service: (which replace the ugly I mentioned in a previous blog post). APIs aren’t ready yet, but I intend to give access to basic properties of objects by the end of the month. At least, you can enjoy the front end. 🙂 aims at providing browsable APIs where each piece of astronomical information has its own Uniform Resource Locator (a.k.a. URL). SIMBAD, NED,, JPL Horizons, astro telegrams are among the sources of information that intend to unify. Because we believe in the force of integration.