Let Spotlight find your FITS data. Automatically.

FITSImporter is a Spotlight plugin that allow you make spotlight queries against dedicated FITS header keywords. It provides also additional information in the "Get Info" panel of the Finder (-I).

When present inside the FITS primary header, the following keywords are filled:

  • Target Name (string)
  • Naxis (number)
  • Right Ascension (number)
  • Declination (number)
  • Observation Date (date)
  • Exposure Time (number)
  • Instrument Name (string)
  • Detector name (string)
  • Telescope name (string)
  • Observatory name (string)
  • Observer(s) name (string)
  • Equinox (number)
  • Epoch (number)
  • RaDecSystem (string)
  • Local Sidereal Time (string)
  • Universal Time (string)
  • Modified Julian Date (number)
  • Julian Date (number)
  • Airmass (number)
  • BZero (number)
  • BScale (number)
  • Bitpix (number)
  • ESO Archive Filename (string)
  • Naxis1 (number)
  • Naxis2 (number)

FITSImporter is open source.

To install FITSImporter, unzip and put it in
Then issue the following command on a Terminal:
/usr/bin/mdimport -r /Library/Spotlight/FITSImporter.mdimporter

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  Download FITSImporter   (1.0, 50kB)

Make sure to also check ObjCFITSIO   on, my Obj-C wrapper around cfitsio.