See the content of your FITS, without opening it. Now, your life becomes easy.

QLFits is the only quick look plugin for FITS files.

QLFits is a QuickLook plugin that allow you to directly see the content of your FITS files in the Finder. It has been developed by an experienced professional astronomer. No need to open ds9, or skycat, or whatever crazy X11 app! Really easy.

Key features:
  • Automatic thumbnail generation for images or spectra.
  • Colorized header.
  • The only quicklook in the world with so many preferences (a System Pref Pane is provided).
  • Automatic detection of ESO keywords
  • Links to ESO archive seeing/prog id pages (when possible)
  • Support for multi-extensiom FITS files!
  • Automatic preview of 2D images.
  • Automatic preview of 1D spectra (drawn with scaled axes).
  • Display of the value of the "OBJECT" header keyword, with large fonts.

QLFits isn’t capable of opening and reading every FITS file on the planet. It doesn’t open FITS tables, nor OIFITS files. It does however open multi-extension FITS files (although 100-deep data cubes won’t be handled).

2D images are scaled linearly for preview (it produces better results than linear- or log-zscaling). Ticks positions for 1D spectra are only good indications. For images and spectra that are at most 2000 pixels wide, full previews are generated. For larger images/spectra, previews are scaled down to about 2000 pixels.

QLFits is configured to work with the following extensions: .fits, .fit, .fts, .ft, .mt, .imfits, .imfit, .uvfits, .uvfit, .pha, .rmf, .arf, .rsp, .pi

The plugin will be installed in

Then, the following command will be issued to activate it:
>> qlmanage -r

The preference pane will be installed in

QLFits is open source.

Make sure to open the QLFits PrefPane once in the System Preferences before using QLFits.

  View Sources   on GitHub.com

  Download QLFits   (v2.3.0, 1.1MB)

Make sure to also check ObjCFITSIO   on GitHub.com, my Obj-C wrapper around cfitsio.