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Which type of lava will flow the fastest because it is low in silica?

Lava Type Silica Content Approximate Flow Rate basaltic least 30-60 km/hr andesitic in between 10 km/hr rhyolitic most 1 km/hr 4 more rows ?

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Which lava flow has low viscosity?

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And another question, where is the greatest volume of magma produced?

The greatest volume of magma is produced along the oceanic ridge system in association with seafloor spreading. Correspondingly, which statement describes the composition and viscosity of the lava associated with shield volcanoes? Which statement describes the composition and viscosity of the lava associated with shield volcanoes? Lava from shield volcanoes is mafic and has a low viscosity.

Thereof, what is fluid viscosity?

Viscosity is the resistance of a fluid (liquid or gas) to a change in shape or movement of neighbouring portions relative to one another. Viscosity denotes opposition to flow. Subsequently, what type of magma has the lowest silica content highest silica content? MAGMA COMPOSITION AND ROCK TYPES SiO2 CONTENT MAGMA TYPE VOLCANIC ROCK ~50% Mafic Basalt ~60% Intermediate Andesite ~65% Felsic (low Si) Dacite ~70% Felsic (high Si) Rhyolite


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In respect to this, which rock is lower in silica mafic or felsic?

Since igneous rocks are characterised by silica content in them, mafic is the one with less silica content (approx. 45-55%) while felsic is the one with a greater silica content (approx. 70-90%). What is an igneous rock with a low silica content that flows easily? Lava that is low in silica, such as basalt lava, flows easily and spreads out in thin sheets over great distances.

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