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What do the spiral arms in spiral galaxies contain?

The disk of stars orbiting the bulge separates into arms that circle the galaxy. These spiral arms contain a wealth of gas and dust and younger stars that shine brightly before their quick demise.

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Why do spiral arms have a blue color?

A student at the University of Toronto and two British scientists independently announced the discovery of a massive but invisible object around a blue star over 6,000 light-years away.

Which of the following most accurately describes the spiral arms?

which of the following most accurately describes the spiral arms? The stars move in and out of the arms while they rotate around the galaxy center. What effect would you expect this (spiral arms) to have on stars? Why do spiral arms have a blue color? The gas and dust in the arms filter out all but the blue light from stars in the arms. Stars are forming in the spiral arms so there are many more high mass, hot, blue stars. Almost all the stars of the disk are in the arms of the galaxy and their light makes it appear blue.

Then, how big are black holes?

These black holes are very large and contain the same amount of material as 100 million or more suns. These types of black holes are several million miles across. Correspondingly, why are spiral galaxies more blue? Originally Answered: Why do spiral galaxies appear to be blue sometimes? This is most likely due to the stars forming in them. Looking into the night sky, stars form in all shapes and sizes. The hotter a star is though, the more blue it appears.


How do elliptical galaxies differ from spiral galaxies?

The southern lights and southern polar lights are called the Aurora australis. An australis is a curtain of light or a diffuse glow in the sky.

And another question, why is the bulge of a galaxy red?

The bulge of a spiral galaxy is typically much more red in color, resembling elliptical galaxies; this indicates the presence of many old stars in the nucleus. The hot young stars are found predominantly in the spiral arms of the disk, while the cooler red star dominate the bulge.

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