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What 3 things did Galileo discover with his telescope?

What did Galileo discover? Craters and mountains on the Moon. The Moon's surface was not smooth and perfect as received wisdom had claimed but rough, with mountains and craters whose shadows changed with the position of the Sun. The phases of Venus. Jupiter's moons. The stars of the Milky Way. The first pendulum clock.

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How did Bohr discover his theory?

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What was special about Galileo's telescope?

That is, it made things look three times larger than they did with the naked eye. Through refining the design of the telescope he developed an instrument that could magnify eight times, and eventually thirty times. This increased magnification of heavenly objects had a significant and immediate impact. What are 5 facts about Galileo? 8 Things You May Not Know About Galileo He was a college dropout. He didn't invent the telescope. His daughters were nuns. 9 Things You May Not Know About Isaac Newton. Galileo was sentenced to life in prison by the Roman Inquisition. He spent his final years under house arrest.

Accordingly, what is galileo's telescope made of?

Original telescope made by Galileo consisting of a main tube and two smaller housings in which the objective and the eyepiece are mounted. The main tube consists of two semicircular tubes held together with copper wire. It is covered with paper. What was Galileo's telescope called? Galilean telescope Galilean telescope, instrument for viewing distant objects, named after the great Italian scientist Galileo Galilei (1564?1642), who first constructed one in 1609. With it, he discovered Jupiter's four largest satellites, spots on the Sun, phases of Venus, and hills and valleys on the Moon.


What did Rutherford discover and what was his model called?

The astronomer was burned at the stake for teaching a heliocentric view of the Universe. The Earth, along with the other planets, rotates around the Sun according to the radical theory of the Universe written byNicolaus Copernicus.

One may also ask what power was galileo's telescope?

Galileo's Telescopes The basic tool that Galileo used was a crude refracting telescope. His initial version only magnified 8x but was soon refined to the 20x magnification he used for his observations for Sidereus nuncius. It had a convex objective lens and a concave eyepiece in a long tube. How does Galileo's telescope work? In Galileo's version, light entering the far end (1) passed through a convex lens (2), which bent the light rays until they came into focus at the focal point (f). The eyepiece (3) then spread out (magnified) the light so that it covered a large portion the viewer's retina and thus made the image appear larger.

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