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How did Galileo's telescope changed the world?

While the scientific doctrine of the day held that space was perfect, unchanging environments created by God, Galileo's telescope helped change that view. His studies and drawings showed the Moon had a rough, uneven surface that was pockmarked in some places, and was actually an imperfect sphere.

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What 3 things did Galileo discover with his telescope?

About 42% of Earth's is gravity on Mars. If you weighed 100 pounds on Earth, you would only weigh 38 pounds on Mars. If you can jump one meter high on Earth, you can jump 2.64 meters high on Mars.

The goddess of ancient Roman mythology was named Juno. She was the queen when she was married to Jupiter. The Romans thought that Juno would warn them of danger.

Consequently, what were galileo's inventions?

Telescope Celatone Galileo's micrometer Galileo's escapement Galileo's proportional compass Galileo Galilei / Inventions His inventions, from compasses and balances to improved telescopes and microscopes, revolutionized astronomy and biology. Galilleo discovered craters and mountains on the moon, the phases of Venus, Jupiter's moons and the stars of the Milky Way. Consequently, who was galileo's wife? Galileo was never married. However, he did have a brief relationship with Marina Gamba, a woman he met on one of his many trips to Venice. Marina lived in Galileo's house in Padua where she bore him three children.

Did Galileo Galilei have a wife?

At Padua, Galileo began a long?term relationship with Maria Gamba; however they never married. In 1600 their first child Virginia was born, followed by a second daughter, Livia, in the following year. What is Galileo's hypothesis? Galileo's idea for slowing down the motion was to have a ball roll down a ramp rather than to fall vertically. He argued that the speed gained in rolling down a ramp of given height didn't depend on the slope. His argument was based on an experiment with a pendulum and a nail, shown on page 171 of Two New Sciences.


How did Galileo's telescope improve?

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How long was Galileo's telescope?

Galileo's famous telescope for observing Jupiter's moons had a convex lens with a focal length of about 30-40 inches and a concave ocular lens of about 2 inches, contained in a little tube that could be adjusted for focusing.

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