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What happens if you enter a white hole?

White holes are theoretical cosmic regions that function in the opposite way to black holes. Just as nothing can escape a black hole, nothing can enter a white hole. White holes were long thought to be a figment of general relativity born from the same equations as their collapsed star brethren, black holes. 6 days ago

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Why can nothing enter a white hole?

One of the most compelling bodies in our solar system is Enceladus, the sixth largest moon. Titan has an earthlike cycle of liquids flowing across its surface.

Then, what planet is heaven?

So to answer your question, in a while eventually, in the resurrection, heaven will be upon this physical planet earth. there is a verse in Holy Qur'an describing heaven to be broader than the skies and the Earth, both. So Heaven is broader than the universe (the earth and the skies) and what we see; in toto. Where is God located? God is located inside the control centers of the self-adjustment network of the brain. The brain is a "complex self-adjusting system", also known as a "complex adaptive system"[1] .

Where is God is?

In the Christian tradition, the location of God is symbolically represented as in heaven above; but from our prayers, hymns, scriptures, ritual worship it is clear that God is both within and without us. As a priest once preached, "we live in a Divine Soup." God is everywhere, "omnipresent". And another question, are there negative dimensions? There are certainly negative dimensions, just as positive and fractional dimensions exist.


How can you enter a black hole?

Non-ionizing is a form of energy that does not cause the molecule to break apart. Radio waves, visible light, and microwaves are examples.

Are there 27 dimensions?

For the first time ever scientists from the University of Rochester have directly measured the orbital-angular-momentum of photons in a high-dimensional quantum state. The state consists of 27 dimensions to be exact.

By Demetre Ryles

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