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Is God eternal or everlasting?

God is commonly portrayed as being eternal; however, there is more than one way to understand the concept of "eternal." On the one hand, God may be thought of as "everlasting," which means that God has existed through all time.

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Can energy eternal?

The largest telescope in the world is located in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. It gathers light by using a 40-inch glass lens. The largest of which is the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, is a dish-shaped antenna.

How do we know God is eternal?

They thought of God as eternal, in the sense that he is timeless or atemporal. Now, the dominant view among philosophers is that God is temporal. His eternal nature is thought of as being everlasting rather than timeless. He never came into existence and he will never go out of existence but he exists within time. Then, does the 5th dimension exist? The fifth dimension is a micro-dimension which is accepted in physics and mathematics. It's here to have a nice and seamless tie between gravity and electromagnetism, or the main fundamental forces, which seem unrelated in the regular four-dimensional spacetime.

Thereof, what is a 5th dimensional being?

In that case, a fifth dimension would be an extra dimension of space. Such a dimension was proposed independently by physicists Oskar Klein and Theodor Kaluza in the 1920s. They were inspired by Einstein's theory of gravity, which showed that mass warped four-dimensional space-time. Also, do we live in 3d or 4d? We live in a 3D (D stands for dimensional) world with the 4th dimension as time.


Who was the ugliest god?

It made sense now. The moon is on its axis. One revolution takes more time than one rotation. Earth would be exposed to all sides of the moon if the moon were to rotate quickly or not.

The Sun was captured by their planets. Every giant planet has at least one of these satellites, and Neptune's moon is one of them.

Moreover, can gravity traverse time?

Gravity slows the passage of time. Similar to how the passage of time is changed under special relativity, general relativity predicts that massive objects will also dilate time. The more massive the object, the more noticeable the effect.

By Cleland Padro

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