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Why does the albedo of the Earth and its atmosphere average about 30 percent?

Average for an entire year, the earth and itsatmospher (including its clouds) will redirect about 30% of the sun's incoming radiation back to space, which gives the earth and its atmosphere a combined albedo of 30%. In the winter the Earth is closer to the Sun. So the sun's reflection is spread out to cover more area.

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Which gas has highest percent in Earth's atmosphere?

The structure of M51 can be seen through a telescope eyepiece, but it is rather faint and fuzzy. There is a star chart that shows the location of a star. The location of a car.

Correspondingly, what albedo changes earth's average temperature from 15 c to 16 c?

What increases a planets albedo? root meaning "whiteness." For example, adding tiny particles to the upper atmosphere scatters light and brightens the sky, increasing the planet's albedo.

Does cloud albedo increase temperature?

In the end, the cloud albedo effect is a negative feedback mechanism. The cloud albedo effect begins with global temperature increasing. Since less solar energy is able to warm the surface, this can contribute to cooler temperatures or at least offsets some of the warming from the increase of water vapor in the air. Thereof, does cloud albedo affect temperature? In addition to the warming effect of clear air, clouds in the atmosphere help to moderate the Earth's temperature. The balance of the opposing cloud albedo and cloud greenhouse forcings determines whether a certain cloud type will add to the air's natural warming of the Earth's surface or produce a cooling effect.


What is the albedo effect what surfaces have the greatest albedo?

The largest star sapphires in the world are found in the Star of Adam. It has a weight of 1,408.49 carats.

Do mirrors have an albedo of 1?

A perfect mirror has an albedo of 100%; the polished surface of white metals like aluminum or silver comes close to that figure.

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