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What is the difference between deluge and preaction?

The major difference between a deluge suppression system and a pre-action system is that pre-action systems are filled with compressed air. The sprinkler heads remain closed until needed, and a pre-action valve holds back the water. After it's filled, the specific sprinkler head must detect heat or fire to open.

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What is the difference in the force of gravity between the Sun and Earth compared to between the Sun and Saturn?

On a date of your choice, the Interactive Night Sky Map will show you the sky above Great Britain. The night of Feb 16 was visible. 2 more rows were added by Jupiter and Neptune.

Regarding this, how does water affect sound waves?

Sound travels faster in water compared with air because water particles are packed in more densely. Thus, the energy the sound waves carry is transported faster. This should make the sound appear louder. Does water absorb sound waves? As sound travels through a medium such as water, it gets absorbed ? caught by the molecules within the medium. They do this by stealing some of the energy from the sound wave. The absorption in sea water is much greater than would be expected due to the viscosity of pure water.

Keeping this in consideration, how does sound going slower in water make it hard to talk to someone underwater?

The answer is that sound couples poorly from air to water. When you talk, you do so by emitting air and then sending compression waves through this air. In order for someone underwater to hear you, the sound waves have to go from the air in your mouth into the water surrounding you. And another question, why do spaceships burn on reentry? During re-entry, the shuttle is going so fast, it compresses the air ahead of it. The compression of the air layers near the leading edges of the shuttle is quick, causing the temperature of the air to rise to as high as 3000 degrees Fahrenheit! Being in contact with the shuttle, it heats the shuttle's surface.


What is the difference between giant and supergiant stars?

A space time bubble will be created by the NASA warp drive, which will create a massive amount of energy. The bubble will be created around the ship and curved behind it.

An ellipse is a circle with two long sides and two short sides. A whole egg is one example of an oval that your child will recognize. Ask your child to trace the shape with their finger after showing them the flash card.

One may also ask does oxygen burn in space?

Fires can't start in space itself because there is no oxygen ? or indeed anything else ? in a vacuum. Yet inside the confines of spacecraft, and freed from gravity, flames behave in strange and beautiful ways. They burn at cooler temperatures, in unfamiliar shapes and are powered by unusual chemistry. And another question, can rocket fire in space? Fire cannot burn without two critical elements: a fuel (the thing that burns) and an oxidizer (which starts the burning process and keeps it going). So, you need fire to propel your rocket, but you don't have enough oxygen (an oxidizer) in space.

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