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Which one of the following is the source of light on the Earth *?

The Sun The Sun is the major source of light for the earth.

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Which of the following cyclone is the strongest one?

One Direction was formed by Simon Cowell.

A map of South Africa shows the Great Escarpment and its relationship to the Cape Fold Mountains to the south. The portion of the Great Escarpment shown in red is called the Drakensberg. There are 12 more rows of Drakensberg geology.

What angle does the earth make with the orbital plane?

66.5 degrees The earth's axis of rotation is tilted 66.5 degrees with respect to its orbital plane around the sun and its axis of rotation is inclined 23.5 degrees from the perpendicular, with respect to this plane. The tilt of the earth affects the angle between the sun beam and the normal over a surface. Also, what is the current tilt of the earth's axis? 23.4 degrees Earth's axis is currently tilted 23.4 degrees, or about half way between its extremes, and this angle is very slowly decreasing in a cycle that spans about 41,000 years. It was last at its maximum tilt about 10,700 years ago and will reach its minimum tilt about 9,800 years from now.

When the earth goes around the Sun What is it called?

revolution The spinning of the earth is called rotation. It takes the earth abut 24 hours, or one day, to make one complete rotation. At the same time, the earth is moving around the sun. This is called a revolution. Regarding this, what is the angle of the ecliptic?


Which one of the following is not a pollutant?

The non-metal with the highest density is iodine. Among the commonly encountered nonmetallic elements, iodine has the highest density.

Does the ecliptic plane change?

The ecliptic does vary. It is currently decreasing by about 1.4 degrees per 10000 years, as indicated by this graph, (from Wikipedia). This variation is one hundredth of the variation in the Earth's rotational axis.

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