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How do stars move in a barred spiral galaxy?

Once a strong bar forms, the stars are no longer orbiting on circular orbits -- the bar has twisted the orbits so that the stars are moving on more radial orbits, passing close though the center of the galaxy. In fact, it is the stars on radial orbits which make up the bar.

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How many stars are in a barred spiral galaxy?

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What are the four main parts of a spiral galaxy?

What are the four main parts of a spiral galaxy? A halo, bulge, dish, and arms. And another question, what color are barred spiral galaxies? blue colour Young luminous hot stars, born out of the interstellar clouds, give the arms a prominent appearance and a blue colour.

How old is NGC 1300?

61 million light-years NGC 1300 is a barred spiral galaxy located about 61 million light-years away in the constellation Eridanus. The galaxy is about 110,000 light-years across (about the half size of the Milky Way at 200,000). NGC 1300 Apparent magnitude (V) 11.4 Characteristics Type (R')SB(s)bc Size 110,000 light years in diameter 11 more rows How many galaxies are there? How Many Galaxies are there in the Universe 2020? Currently, in 2020, it was estimated that there are around 2 trillion galaxies in the observable Universe. Each galaxy is unique, ranging in size from 10,000 light-years to hundreds of light-years.


Is Andromeda a barred spiral galaxy?

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How many spiral galaxies are there?

There are currently 3 classifications of classical spiral galaxies and another 3 for barred spiral galaxies: 1. Spiral galaxy type A ? abbreviation Sa ? they have a big central bulge and smooth, broad spiral arms. Around 2% of the mass of Sa spiral galaxies is present in the form of gas and dust.

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