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Why did they have to leave Earth in Lost in Space?

Unlike the original 1960s series and the 1998 film version, this "Lost in Space" sees the Robinson clan escape Earth as part of a larger mass evacuation following what's originally believed to be a meteor strike, but is later revealed to be the impact of an alien spacecraft.

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Why did Atlantis leave Earth?

The universe has a mass of 1.5 trillion suns.

Can you breathe on Mars?

Mars does have an atmosphere, but it is about 100 times thinner than Earth's atmosphere and it has very little oxygen. The atmosphere on Mars is made up of mainly carbon dioxide. An astronaut on Mars would not be able to breathe the Martian air and would need a spacesuit with oxygen to work outdoors. Then, what planets could humans live on? Despite Venus' hellish surface conditions, it may be practical for humans to explore - and someday settle - the second planet from the sun. Yet no active spacecraft have been sent to its surface since the Soviet Union's Vega 2 mission in June 1985. As long as there have been human imaginations, Venus has inspired them.

Keeping this in consideration, will humans ever travel to other galaxies?

The technology required to travel between galaxies is far beyond humanity's present capabilities, and currently only the subject of speculation, hypothesis, and science fiction. However, theoretically speaking, there is nothing to conclusively indicate that intergalactic travel is impossible. Does it rain diamonds on Jupiter? Diamonds big enough to be worn by Hollywood film stars could be raining down on Saturn and Jupiter, US scientists have calculated. New atmospheric data for the gas giants indicates that carbon is abundant in its dazzling crystal form, they say.


Did NASA leave dogs in space?

The ages are aligned so that the Aquarian age is found from 2000 BC to AD 1 and the Pisces age is found from AD 1 to AD 2000.

And another question, can humans live on moon?

The basics. Unfortunately, setting up camp on the Moon is much more difficult than sending astronauts there fora few days. Unlike the Apollo astronauts, lunar settlers wouldn't be able to carry all their rations and resources on their rocket. It would be too heavy.

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