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Is Sirius A star or a galaxy?

Sirius, also called Alpha Canis Majoris or the Dog Star, brightest star in the night sky, with apparent visual magnitude ?1.46. It is a binary star in the constellation Canis Major.

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Is Sirius the brightest star?

The size and shape of the crater depends on factors such as the mass of the impact body and the geology of the surface. The larger the crater, the faster the impactor.

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Does Sirius have Andromeda?

The brightest star in the night sky is Sirius, more than 8 light-years away, which means we see Sirius not as it is now, but as it was 8 years ago. This faint smudge is the Andromeda Galaxy, the nearest spiral galaxy to our own Milky Way Galaxy, and is 2.5 million light-years away. What if Arcturus exploded? Arcturus, the reddish, fourth-brightest star in the night sky, is at about this distance. The supernova would hang as a blinding point in our sky, like a smaller, but much more dangerous Sun.

Why is Arcturus flickering?

The atmosphere refracts or splits the stars' light to cause these stars to flash in the colors of the rainbow. At mid-northern latitudes, scintillating Arcturus adorns the western evening sky all through October. Who is the God of Arcturus? One astronomical tradition associates Arcturus with the mythology around Arcas, who was about to shoot and kill his own mother Callisto who had been transformed into a bear.


What color is the Sirius star?

The Milky Way is up, down, left, and right. It can be seen as a hazy form of stars in the night sky, but the naked eye can't see it. No matter where you are in the world, you can see the stars. It's visible if the sky is clear and light pollution is minimal.

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Who were the Dioscuri?

Dioscuri, also called (in French) Castor and Polydeuces and (in Latin) Castor and Pollux, (Dioscuri from Greek Dioskouroi, "Sons of Zeus"), in Greek and Roman mythology, twin deities who succoured shipwrecked sailors and received sacrifices for favourable winds.

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