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Where is the nucleus located in an atom?

the center The nucleus is a small, dense region at the center of the atom. Consisting of positive protons and neutral neutrons, the nucleus has an overall positive charge. The nucleus contains virtually all of the atom's mass.

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What description best describes the nucleus of an atom?

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How do electrons revolve around the nucleus?

The electrostatic force between electrons and nucleus provides the centripetal force to the electron to make it move around the nucleus. How far are electrons from the nucleus? The Bohr radius, is the estimated distance between protons in the nucleus and electrons - but electrons aren't solid, stationary particles... The simple answer would be about one-twentieth of a nanometre.

Who said electrons move around the nucleus?

Lord Rutherford Lord Rutherford called it the nucleus of the atom. In order to explain the atomic structure, he supposed that electrons moved around the nucleus in orbits much like the planets orbit around the sun. Are electrons outside the nucleus? Unlike protons and neutrons, which are located inside the nucleus at the center of the atom, electrons are found outside the nucleus. Because opposite electric charges attract one another, negative electrons are attracted to the positive nucleus.


Why is the electron in an atom restricted to revolve around the nucleus at a fixed distance?

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Subsequently, can an electron be in the nucleus?

Electrons can get localized in the nucleus, but it takes an interaction to make it happen. The process is known as "electron capture" and it is an important mode of radioactive decay. In electron capture, an atomic electron is absorbed by a proton in the nucleus, turning the proton into a neutron. Correspondingly, where are protons located? nucleus Protons and neutrons are in the center of the atom, making up the nucleus. Electrons surround the nucleus. Protons have a positive charge.

And another question, what are neutrons and where are they located?

You know that neutrons are found in the nucleus of an atom. Under normal conditions, protons and neutrons stick together in the nucleus. During radioactive decay, they may be knocked out of there. Neutron numbers are able to change the mass of atoms, because they weigh about as much as a proton and electron together.

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