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How does the atmospheric pressure at Jupiter's core compare to the the atmospheric pressure at Earth's surface?

How many more times is the atmospheric pressure in Jupiter's core greater than the atmospheric pressure at Earth's surface? Jupiter's greater mass compresses it more, thus increasing its density.

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How does the core of Jupiter compare to the core of the Earth?

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How does Jupiter's atmosphere compared to Earth?

Jupiter is a gas giant with no discernible solid surface, while Earth is a terrestrial planet. Jupiter's primary atmosphere consists of hydrogen and helium, while Earth's atmosphere is composed of a mix of oxygen and nitrogen and other chemicals. They are not similar in size or temperature. How much stronger is Jupiter's gravity than Earth? Gravity is the pull that a planet exerts towards its centre. Gravity depends on mass. Jupiter has more mass than Earth so its gravity is two and a half times greater.

You can also ask what does mars have in common with earth?

Structure and Composition: Earth and Mars are similar when it comes to their basic makeups, given that they are both terrestrial planets. This means that both are differentiated between a dense metallic core and an overlying mantle and crust composed of less dense materials (like silicate rock). Accordingly, why did mars cool faster than earth? For years, scientists believed that this field disappeared over 4 billion years ago, causing Mars' atmosphere to be slowly stripped away by solar wind. Scientists attribute this to Mars' lower mass and density (compared to Earth) which resulted in its interior cooling more rapidly.


Which terrestrial world has the most atmospheric gas which terrestrial world has the most atmospheric gas Venus Earth Mars?

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Can you see Mars with naked eye from Earth?

Which planets are visible to the naked eye from Earth? Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are visible for much of the year. Neptune and Uranus are not visible - and of course the eighth planet in our solar system is Earth itself. Mars, Mercury and Venus can be seen during dawn or dusk when in this period.

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