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How many stars are in the universe?

Averaging out the types of stars within our galaxy, this would produce an answer of about 100 billion stars in the galaxy. This is subject to change, however, depending on how many stars are bigger and smaller than our own sun. Also, other estimates say the Milky Way could have 200 billion stars or more.

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Which stars have longer lifetimes massive stars or less massive stars explain why?

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Polaris is the 50th brightest star on Earth. It's best to see the star in the southern part of the sky in the winter. The stars are measured in magnitudes of one to six.

Which star is coldest?

According to a new study, a star discovered 75 light-years away is no warmer than a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Dubbed CFBDSIR 1458 10b, the star is what's called a brown dwarf. What if UY Scuti exploded? So the force of 100 stars exploding would obliterate everything nearby. Even if Earth was far enough away to survive the blast, without the star, there would be no heat and no light, and life could not survive on Earth without them.

How long will UY Scuti live?

Is UY Scuti hotter than the sun? UY Scuti is releasing much more heat energy than the sun, but its surface is cooler. It's kind of like the difference between a candle an an electric blanket. A candle's flame is very hot (~800 degrees C) but it doesn't have much heating power. An electric blanket at 40 degrees is much better at heating your body.

How many universe are there?

If we define "universe" as "all there is" or "all that exists," then obviously, by definition, there can be only one universe. But if we define "universe" as "all we can ever see" (no matter how large our telescopes) or "space-time regions that expand together," then many universes may indeed exist. What is bigger than a galaxy? From largest to smallest they are: Universe, galaxy, solar system, star, planet, moon and asteroid.

Also, what is the oldest thing in the universe?

Microscopic grains of dead stars are the oldest known material on the planet - older than the moon, Earth and the solar system itself. By examining chemical clues in a meteorite's mineral dust, researchers have determined the most ancient grains are 7 billion years old - about half as old as the universe.

By Annaliese Sweney

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