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Why is the electron in an atom restricted to revolve around the nucleus at a fixed distance?

-The distance at which they revolve around the nucleus is determined by their principal quantum number. -Electrons do not gain or lose energy in these shells and revolve with constant acceleration. Thus they keep revolving at the same distance until energy is supplied and their principal quantum number changes.

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Why does Jupiter revolve around the Sun?

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Subsequently, who thought that electrons orbited the nucleus like planets orbiting the sun?

neli bohr said these words when he was discovered the element of periodic classification of element accodung to him the electron orbited the nuclues like planets orbiting the sun. Who said that electrons were like planets orbiting the sun? In 1913, the Danish scientist Niels Bohr proposed an improvement. He built on the concept that the mass of an atom is contained mostly in the nucleus. He also theorized that electrons move in definite orbits around the nucleus, much like planets circle the sun.

Also, how fast does an electron revolve around the nucleus in the first bohr orbit?

Hence the velocity of the electron in the first Bohr orbit of the hydrogen atom is \[2.18 \times {10^6}m/\sec \]. How did Bohr prove his theory? Atomic model The Bohr model shows the atom as a small, positively charged nucleus surrounded by orbiting electrons. Bohr was the first to discover that electrons travel in separate orbits around the nucleus and that the number of electrons in the outer orbit determines the properties of an element.


Why inner planets revolve faster around the Sun?

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How did Bohr prove his model?

Using Planck's constant, Bohr obtained an accurate formula for the energy levels of the hydrogen atom. He postulated that the angular momentum of the electron is quantized--i.e., it can have only discrete values. Then, how did dalton prove his theory? He proved his theory to be true when genetic analysis of his own eye tissue revealed that he was missing the photoreceptor for perceiving the color green. As a result of his contributions to the understanding of red-green color blindness, the condition is still often referred to as "Daltonism."

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