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How did Galileo's telescope improve?

Between the summer 1609 and the beginning of January 1610, Galileo increased the magnification of his telescope by a factor of 21. He also introduced a number of modifications, such as the ability to control its aperture, that helped to reduce optical aberrations.

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How does interferometry improve the capabilities of a telescope?

The electron-cloud model describes electrons. An electron has a high chance of being in a certain area. Which type of light is least likely to produce a photoelectric effect on a strip of metal?

How far does a spyglass let you see?

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Can you craft a spyglass?

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How do astronomers use adaptive optics to improve the resolution of telescopes?

The concept of the revolution of electrons in different energy levels was proposed by the inventor of the atom. When an electron jumps from a lower energy level to a higher energy level, there is a change in its energy level.

What was the focal length of Galileo's telescope?

Galileo's original telescope had a 37mm diameter plano-convex objective lens with a focal length of 980mm. The original eyepiece was lost, but according to Galileo's writings was plano-concave with a diameter of about 22mm and a focal length of about 50 mm.

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