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What important discoveries were made in the early century by using RR Lyrae variables?

What important discoveries were made early in the 20th centure by using RR Lyrae variables? 2) By measuring the direction and distance of each cluster, he was able to determine their 3D distribution in space. Thus, Globular Clusters map out a truly gigantic and roughly spherical volume of space about 20kpc across.

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What important measurement did RR Lyrae variables allow astronomers to get?

A trip to Mars would take about nine months. If you wanted to make a round-trip, it would take about 21 months as you will need to wait about three months on Mars to make sure Earth and Mars are in a suitable location to make the trip back home.

Visitors can register by calling the tour reservation line or sending an email to [email protected] NASA's tour staff will give a confirmation number to registered visitors. Visitors are required to bring their confirmation number.

In respect to this, why does the cepheid distance method fail us beyond about 20 mpc?

Why does the Cepheid distance method fail us beyond about 20 Mpc? Even with the HST, the most luminous Cepheids are too faint to be seen beyond 20 Mpc. Standard candles for determining distances to other galaxies. Can you travel back in time? General relativity. Time travel to the past is theoretically possible in certain general relativity spacetime geometries that permit traveling faster than the speed of light, such as cosmic strings, traversable wormholes, and Alcubierre drives.

What creates a white hole?

White holes are created when astrophysicists mathematically explore the environment around black holes, but pretend there's no mass within the event horizon. What happens when you have a black hole singularity with no mass? White holes are completely theoretical mathematical concepts. Regarding this, how do we tell the difference between a white dwarf supernova type ia and a massive star type ii supernova? Observationallly, type Ia supernovae do not have hydrogen line in their spectra and type II supernovae do display these lines. Physically, type II supernovae are caused by the collapse of a massive star.


What are the 3 main gasses was the early atmosphere made of?

There are two blood moon eclipses this year. There will be two lunar eclipses this year. People around the world will be able to see at least one of the lunar eclipses on May 26 and Nov.

How do we distinguish the difference between a white dwarf supernova and a massive star supernova?

Observationally, how can we tell the difference between a white-dwarf supernova and a massive-star supernova? The spectrum of a massive-star supernova shows prominent hydrogen lines, while the spectrum of a white-dwarf supernova does not. Also, what is between event horizon and singularity? The singularity constitutes the center of a black hole, hidden by the object's "surface," the event horizon. Inside the event horizon, the escape velocity exceeds the speed of light so that not even rays of light can escape into space.

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