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Why is Enceladus considered good candidates for the possible existence of life?

Enceladus is a tiny world, and the amount of available energy and nutrients is small. Few scientists therefore expect it to host an ecosystem consisting of more than simple microbes. The much larger Europa, if it has life too, is a better prospect.

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People also ask why can't humans live on jupiter?

A: Jupiter is a gas giant, which means it probably does not have a solid surface, and the gas it is made up of would be toxic for us. It is also very far from the sun (sunlight can take over an hour to get there) which means that is it very cold. What is the Roche limit as it applies to planetary rings? Roche limit, in astronomy, the minimum distance to which a large satellite can approach its primary body without tidal forces overcoming the internal gravity holding the satellite together.

What is the largest moon in the solar system?

Ganymede Size and Distance. Ganymede has a radius of 1,635 miles (2,631 kilometers) and is the largest moon in our solar system. It's bigger than Mercury and Pluto. Ganymede is about 665,000 miles (1.07 million kilometers) from Jupiter, which orbits about 484 million miles (778 million kilometers) from the Sun. Why is Enceladus so cold? Enceladus is one of the coldest places in the Saturn system because its extremely bright surface reflects 80 percent of the sunlight that hits it, so only 20 percent is available to heat the surface. As on Earth, the poles should be even colder than the equator because the sun shines at such an oblique angle there.


What are the 5 proofs of God's existence?

The slowing of time is extreme near a black hole. Time stops from the viewpoint of an observer outside the black hole. An object falling into the hole would freeze at the edge of the hole.

Does Enceladus snow?

On Enceladus, it would fall back as water-ice particles; on Mimas and Tethys, it would precipitate as snow, they suggest. This snow and water ice would make the moons more reflective and help to explain the observations made by Cassini which showed these ultrabright objects. People also ask is enceladus habitable? That first close flyby revealed an unexpected world with a subsurface ocean and plumes of water ice and vapor erupting from the moon's south polar region, making it one of the most potentially habitable places of the Solar System.

By Davita Eames

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