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Why is the solar corona hotter than the photosphere?

The corona reaches a million degrees C or higher (over 1.8 million degrees F). He theorized that magnetized waves of plasma could carry huge amounts of energy along the sun's magnetic field from its interior to the corona. The energy bypasses the photosphere before exploding with heat in the sun's upper atmosphere.

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What is photosphere chromosphere and corona?

Massive stars continue fusion until they create iron in their core. Neon, magnesium, oxygen, sulfur, Si, and iron are created in this fusion process.

The Kp-Index is a measure of the activity in the Earth's atmosphere. The Kp-Index uses a scale from 0 to 9 to represent a huge geomagnetic storm.

One may also ask why is the sun's corona so hot?

The Sun's sizzling corona is so hot thanks to tiny nanoflares, new evidence suggests. Our Sun's outer atmosphere is mysteriously much hotter than its surface. But now, the detection of numerous tiny bursts of energy has brought researchers one step closer to solving the apparent paradox. Is the Sun cold or hot? The surface of the sun stays at an incredibly hot temperature of about 5800 Kelvin all year long. The high temperature of the sun causes it to constantly emit prodigious amounts of thermal radiation in all directions, mostly in the form of infrared waves, visible light, and ultraviolet waves.

Keeping this in consideration, how does the sun get so hot?

The pressure is so high that when hydrogen atoms collide with enough force they create a new element - helium - in a process called nuclear fusion. The continual nuclear fusion, causes energy to build up and the sun's core reaches temperatures of about 27 million degrees F (15 million degrees C). Is there anything hotter than the Sun on Earth? The highest temperature ever reached under controlled conditions is an astonishing two billion degrees. In 2005, scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign triggered temperatures of over 20,000 degrees ? far hotter than the surface of the Sun ? by crushing vapour trapped in tiny bubbles.


Is the corona hotter than the core?

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What does a chromosphere look like?

The Sun's chromosphere appears as a rim of red light during a solar eclipse. Its name comes from the Greek root chroma (meaning color), for it appears bright red when viewed during a solar eclipse. The chromosphere extends for about 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) above the visible surface of the Sun. People also ask is the chromosphere heated by the corona? In the chromosphere, almost all the mechanical energy flux supplied to the outer solar atmosphere by magneto-convection is converted into heat and radiation, leaving a small amount to power the solar wind and the hot corona: the chromosphere requires over 30 times more energy than the corona and heliosphere combined.

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