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Is an orange star hotter than a yellow star?

Yellow stars like Sun is hotter than Orange stars.

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Is the sun hotter than a b2 star?

The distance from the Sun to the Earth is the same as it is for Uranus. The spin axis of Uranus is tilted by over 80 degrees. Extreme 20-year-long seasons and unusual weather are caused by this.

The intense light and heat of the sun makes it impossible for the HST to observe it. The HST is always pointed away from the sun. Hubble can't see Mercury, Venus and other stars that are close to the sun.

Also, which color main sequence stars are the most massive?

The mass and luminosity of a star also relate to its color. More massive stars are hotter and bluer, while less massive stars are cooler and have a reddish appearance. The sun falls in between the spectrum, given it a more yellowish appearance. Is the surface temperature of a white dwarf star higher or lower than a red giant? Is the surface temperature of white dwarf stars higher or lower than red super giants? White dwarf stars are much hotter than Red Supergiants 15.

Keeping this in consideration, which star looks reddest and which looks bluest in color?

The spectral sequence is also a colour sequence: the O- and B-type stars are intrinsically the bluest and hottest; the M-, R-, N-, and S-type stars are the reddest and coolest.

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