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What is the primary component of Venus atmosphere quizlet?

Because carbon dioxide, which traps heat from the planet's surface, is the major component in the very dense Venusian atmosphere, while it is a only a minor constituent of the Earth's.

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Which gas is the major component of the atmosphere of Venus and Mars?

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Then, what best describes the venus atmosphere quizlet?

The atmosphere of Venus is composed primarily of carbon dioxide. C. The clouds of Venus are made of highly reflective frozen carbon dioxide. You can also ask which of the following statements about the atmosphere of venus and its contents is not true? Which of the following statements about the atmosphere of Venus and its contents is NOT true? The clouds of Venus are made of highly reflective frozen carbon dioxide. This is false. The Soviet Venera missions found Venus's surface to be hot, dry, and dusty, with weak surface winds.

Also, what is venus's temperature?

F. It appears that the surface temperature ranges from about 820 degrees to nearly 900 degrees F. The average surface temperature is 847 degrees F., hot enough to melt lead. No wonder the ocean basins are "dry". At these temperatures any water would evaporate nearly instantaneously. Correspondingly, how does venus's atmosphere compared to earth's atmosphere? There the similarities end. Venus has no surface water, a toxic, heavy atmosphere made up almost entirely of carbon dioxide with clouds of sulphuric acid and at the surface the atmospheric pressure is over 90 times that of the Earth at sea-level.


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How hot is Venus's atmosphere?

What are coronae quizlet? What are coronae? the largest volcanic structures on the planet. huge roughly circular regions.. They are unique to Venus.

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