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When a neutrally charged atom loses an electron to another atom The result is the creation of two points group of answer choices?

Cations and anions. When a neutral atom loses one or more electrons, the total number of electrons decreases while the number of protons in the nucleus remains the same. The result is that the atom becomes a cation-an ion with a net positive charge.

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When a neutral atom loses an electron The size of the ion is?

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Thereof, what is it called when a neutral atom loses an electron?

If a neutral atom loses an electron, a positive ion is formed; this is known as a cation. When one atom loses an electron to another atom results in the formation of? An ion is formed when an atom loses or gain electrons. Explanation: When an atom loses or gains electrons it becomes an ion. The ions are basically of two types, these are cations and anions.

In respect to this, when a neutral atom loses an electron we say that it becomes quizlet?

If a neutral atom gains electrons, it'll be negatively charged. If a neutral atom loses electrons, it'll be positively charged. You just studied 14 terms! Thereof, what is the charge when a neutral atom loses two electrons it becomes an ion? +2 As discussed in class, the elements in the first column of the periodic table (excluding hydrogen) always lose one electron to get a +1 charge. The elements in the second column lose two electrons to get a +2 charge.


What is it called when an atom loses an electron?

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And another question, why do neutral atoms lose or gain electrons?

Atoms have equal numbers of positive protons and negative electrons, so they are neutral in electric charge. Atoms can gain or lose electrons and become ions, which are atoms that have a positive or negative charge because they have unequal numbers of protons and electrons.

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